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I enjoy taking on portrait assignments. Preferably I use a series of photos, taken by myself, of my subject on location, at your home, in the forest, or wherever the person comes out best. The way someone moves, their skin tone and facial features in 'real life' give me a much better idea of ​​the person, or your beloved pet. It eases the process of achieving a striking image.

Sometimes this is not possible, for example because you want to give the portrait as a surprise. In that case, I need available photos in which the person or animal is visible from as many sides as possible.


In advance we'll discuss what your preferences are in terms of size, color etc. Then I start... Knowing how incredibly personal a portrait is and how differently a portrait is perceived, I use the principle that the end result should 'touch' you. I will therefore not oblige you to take the painting if you are not moved by it.

atelier Ellen
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